Pricing Your Home To Sell


When choosing a listing agent, you may be tempted to pick the agent who suggests the highest price for your property. We will provide a comparative market analysis and explanation of how your home should be priced, so we will be more likely to sell your home quicker and for a higher price than someone who tells you only what you want to hear.

Many homeowners want to set their list price based on what they paid for their home, the balance of their mortgage, or on the profit they want to make so they can move into another home. In reality, your home is worth only what the market will bear. If you price your home too high, some potential buyers won’t want to look at it at all, while others will simply walk away without making an offer. If you price your home too low, you exchange a shorter time on market for a lower sale price.

We will provide a comparative market analysis which will include sales prices for similar nearby homes that sold in the last several months, up to a year. In addition, we may include prices for homes currently on the market that will be your competition, as well as homes taken off the market because they didn’t sell.

We will suggest a price range, and show homes that were on the market at various price points, looking at time on market and the average difference between the list prices and sale prices. This information will help us estimate who might want to buy your house and what else those buyers are looking at so you can measure your price against the competition.

We will factor in all of these issues in the context of our local market conditions, to ensure you sell your home for the right price in the shortest time possible.